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CE Capture : 

Capturing your Live Moments

CE Capture is a team of passionate, talented photographers and filmers, highly creative in creating and capturing your live moments. We love to register, still in your emotions giving space to revisit the pause in your life.

Ilayaraja 75

TFPC organized a grand music concert in Chennai celebrating maestro Ilayarajaa’s contribution to the Indian film industry. Event executed by team Noise & Grains.


A small glimpse of memorable happenings put together to recall all the magical moments, live them now and cherish forever.

Namma Ooru Hero

Namma Ooru Hero is a talk show, hosted by actor Vijay Sethupathi on Sun TV. An inspiring show that brings to limelight, the unsung heroes of our society. Their extraordinary feats, which infuse positivity into innumerable lives, is an uplifting encouragement to each and everyone of us to do our bit in making our society a truly better place.

sean roldan concert

Musical evening on October 27, 2018. Event by Silver Tree.


johny and georgina

Colourful weddings taking to the traditional tour of various customs, love and emotions !!

karthi & ramya

Occasions always turn out memorable for everyone, and when it comes to your wedding.

richard and jofina

Mixed opinion calls, wonderful family members, loads to share, discuss, laugh out loud and cry.

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